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Web Hosting

Web Hosting
  • High performance hosting
  • Pre-configured for SellerDeck ecommerce sites
  • Guaranteed 100% SellerDeck-compatible
  • Competitively priced
  • Single support contact for software and hosting

High-speed hosting that's guaranteed 100% SellerDeck compatible

SellerDeckís ecommerce hosting is a comprehensive hosting package specifically for websites created using SellerDeck software products. We believe that the correct hosting package is critical to maximise your online sales and thatís why weíve designed SellerDeck Hosting to contribute to your online success. Poor quality hosting for ecommerce sites is a false economy, and can cost orders.

High performance hosting

There is strong evidence that the faster the web site, the more successful it will be. Your visitors will expect a fast response from web sites; if the response is slow, it will put them off. Research has highlighted that half a second delay in loading a web page can reduce traffic by 20% and that improving speed reduces abandonment rates by up to 41% when selling online

SellerDeck Hosting is optimised for high performance with SellerDeck ecommerce sites.

Reliability for Maximum Availability

If your server is down, you canít take orders. And worse still, itís a big turn off to enter a web address or click a link and have nothing happen. You donít just lose an order, you have probably lost a customer for life.

With SellerDeck Hosting your web site is hosted in a world class data centre, monitored round the clock and protected by the highest levels of security to ensure maximum up-time. SellerDeck Hosting is dedicated to hosting SellerDeck ecommerce web sites; there are no other conflicting technologies running the risk of server downtime.

Pre-configured for SellerDeck ecommerce sites

SellerDeck Hosting provides a trouble-free environment for you to get up and running quickly and easily with guaranteed compatibility and optimised performance for SellerDeck ecommerce sites.

If you require MySQL on your hosting platform please contact SellerDeck sales on 0845 129 4800 to discuss your requirements.

Price competitive

SellerDeck Hosting packages range from as little as £15 per month up to £540 per month for a dedicated server.

Single point of contact for software and hosting service

You have the reassurance of support from a team that know SellerDeck, know ecommerce, and are aware of the significance of web site up-time.

Call SellerDeck for more information at 800-503-5717