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Why SellerDeck Cover Support?

Why SellerDeck Cover?
  • US-based telephone support
  • Fast-track response for critical issues
  • Guaranteed escalation procedure
  • 60-day emergency hosting provision
“Friendly, knowledgeable and prompt support. Couldn’t have gotten our site correct without them. Much appreciated.“
Dave Breen, Bay Press Services

Complete peace of mind

SellerDeck Cover Supoport is the affordable, support and maintenance contract giving you access to the telephone technical support line and 2 hours of e-commerce support.  No limitations.*  If you have any kind of technical question, request for an HTML solution to a problem, anything*, we've got the answer.

Your annual Cover fee provides:

  • US based telephone support
  • Access to the SellerDeck technical support hotline**
  • Fast track response for critical issues
  • Guaranteed escalation procedure
  • 60-day emergency hosting provision
  • Savings on SellerDeck products and services

Reassurance that help is just a phone call away

Whether you have a technical problem with your online store, or just need some help in making changes to it, with SellerDeck Cover the solution is only a phone call away. SellerDeck Cover enables you to make full use of all the features of your SellerDeck software and the reassurance of priority access to our support team through our US based technical support hotline. For any reported incident, which actually disables your store, we guarantee a two working-hour response plus immediate referral to our development team for a fast-track solution.

Backup Hosting Provision

Should your existing service provider go out of commission or your site experience poor service levels you will be entitled to 60 days free SellerDeck hosting. This ensures that your online store remains open while you find a new service provider.

Savings on other SellerDeck Products and Services

To assist in the successful development of your online business your Cover package provides exclusive savings on other SellerDeck products and services.

* Support questions/requests should be related to SellerDeck software use.  There are no gaurantees we will be able to answer your questions outside the use of SellerDeck software, but we'll do our best to help.  General e-commerce questions/best practices are welcomed, but our advice is not gauranteed.
** Lines are open between the hours of 09.00 and 17.00, Monday to Friday. Pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.