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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are a major source of new customers for online businesses. The SEO service for SellerDeck’s desktop products can help boost your web site’s rankings on the main search engines, and increase traffic and sales on the site. As well as providing an initial SEO health assessment, it offers detailed information and advice that will empower you to maximize your ranking potential, now and into the future.

  • Discover which search phrases are most widely used in your market
  • Find the best phrases to optimize for, with more new suggestions every month
  • See a monthly summary of your site’s rankings for the same phrases
  • Get a full review of your site’s search engine optimization, with recommendations for improvement
  • Learn step by step how to optimize pages as you add them
  • Get practical help to develop a linking strategy for your web site, and a new list of link prospects each month

Free SEO Review

Our Free SEO Review will check the optimization of your web site, and provide a quality assessment based on key rankings factors. It will also test for some of the common errors that can negatively affect your search rankings.

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Your first full report will review the terms used in search in your market, and tell you which are the most popular and which have the most competition. Our initial report will list the most popular searches, and the best prospects for obtaining good rankings quickly. Each month we will send you more keyword prospects, so you can build up more rankings as your site’s reputation grows.

You will have access to an online report of your current rankings and your ranking trends on the major search engines, updated monthly. If you wish, we can include the rankings for up to 5 of your competitors for the same phrases.


Our initial report will identify any significant weaknesses in your site that relate to the most important ranking factors, and tell you how to rectify them. It will provide step-by-step instructions for optimizing your web pages in the SellerDeck software, enabling you to maintain your site’s optimization even when you add new content in the future.

In our follow-up reports you will receive a regular update on your progress, and ongoing advice for continued improvement.

Link Building

Your site’s search rankings depend heavily on its online reputation. This relies in large part on the quality and quantity of incoming links from other sites. We will work with you over time to help you improve your network of links.

Building good quality and lasting links that are relevant to your market will need your own professional and business knowledge. We do not employ unspecialized workers generating large numbers of random and low-value links. Instead we will help you use your business knowledge to generate high value links to your own site.

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