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Running Your SellerDeck Store

I wish I had come on this course two years ago!
Helen Carruthers, Rest Express

Training for store managers and operators

Suitable for customers who are building their own online store using SellerDeck Catalog or SellerDeck Business, this one-day ecommerce training course illustrates the key product features to set up and maintain a professional SellerDeck store.

Delegates should be PC literate, familiar with using Microsoft Office to a basic level and know how to use a browser.

This course will always be followed by a 'Designing Your SellerDeck Store' course the day after, so feel free to book yourself on both to gain a full understanding of SellerDeck's features.

This course is suitable for customers using 'Client' versions of SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business.

Discounts available for SellerDeck Cover customers, Developer subscribers, and also when booking multiple courses.

Course Summary and Outline

Location: Remote via Web Conferencing
Duration: 4 hours
Price: $320 per delegate.
Bookings: contact SellerDeck sales on 800-503-5717

This one-day course illustrates the key product features that are used for creating and running an SellerDeck Catalog or SellerDeck Business store.

The course starts with the techniques involved in setting up a store, before going through the day-to-day tasks of handing orders, monitoring stock and creating customer accounts. The afternoon session will look at marketing and promotion, and finish up by looking at some of the built-in features for customising the look and feel of an SellerDeck shop.

The course does not cover any aspects of advanced design customisation - that is covered in the 'Designing Your SellerDeck Store' course, which will take place the day after this course.

The 'Running Your SellerDeck Store' course is suitable for people using 'Client' versions of SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business.



  • SellerDeck's product range
  • Basic understanding of the layout of SellerDeck
  • Snapshots and backups
  • Overview of the New Features in SellerDeck 2013
  • Licensing new sites in SellerDeck
  • Keeping SellerDeck Running Smoothly


  • Import products from a spreadsheet
  • Change the appearance of the store pages
  • Creating Product Duplicates
  • Creating Single Pages for Products
  • Using Pagination
  • Creating Product Options
  • Using Dynamic Pricing
  • Using Dynamic Product Choices
  • Using Filtering
  • Web servers and online security
  • Configure payment methods for the store
  • Set up shipping methods for the store
  • Customise the questions in the checkout
  • Upload and test the store

Day to Day Administration:

  • Understand how the online customer accounts work
  • Taking orders offline
  • See how the Online Synchronisation works with the software
  • Learn how to process orders in SellerDeck
  • Understand how stock levels are monitored

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Learn how to set up discounts in your store
  • Learn how to use Single Use Coupon Codes


  • Changing theme
  • Selecting alternative layouts
  • Formatting the appearance of text
  • Include lists of best sellers, new products, related items and recently viewed products

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