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Manage multiple brand / location specific sites.

Suppose you've built up a successful web store selling printers and that your product range has grown to thousands. You may decide that you want to create several new sites to allow you to focus your PPC or other marketing campaigns by brand (Canon / Epson etc), by type (laser / inkjet), by location (UK, Europe, US) or maybe by price point (high-end / budget models). This could result in the duplication of products and sections across multiple sites, making ongoing maintenance very time consuming.

Simply create all your duplicate sites using the SellerDeck Snapshot export / import facility, hide all the products and sections that don't apply in each and then, using SiteClone, replicate changes to sections, products, brochures, fragments and custom variables from the master site to the duplicates.

Please note that implementing this plug-in requires that new products and sections are added to the Master site only. If you want to discuss this plug-in further before deciding to buy then please feel free to give us a call.

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