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Single Product-per-Page

Single Product-per-Page

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Improve S.E.O and get into Google™ Product Search. Single product-per-page is the only data feed format accepted by Google Product Search and is widely accepted (for most sites) as being the most efficient design for SEO.

Having a single product on each page of your catalog with a HTML page name to reflect the product and it's own META data is widely accepted as the most efficient way of organising your site in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. Additionally, Google's popular Product Search will no longer accept links to a product unless it is in this format. If you have built your SellerDeck Catalog with multiple products in each section, this could result in your submission being rejected! (See the SellerDeck Forum for first-hand experiences of this).

The SellerDeck Section Generator is a simple and effective solution to this problem. The program analyses your SellerDeck Catalog, identifies any product that is not stored as a single product within its own section and creates a unique section for that product. The new section is placed between the product and it's original 'parent' section as illustrated.

SellerDeck v8 (or later) users can also specify a new Layout for each generated section. This enables you to show the Price, Quantity and 'Add to Cart' button at the new section level and so maintains the 'look and feel' for buyers who navigate your site.

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