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Plug-ins for SellerDeck desktop software

Catalog Management

Automate repetitive tasks such as price updates, automatically create a single page for each product, and more.

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Add email newsletter management. Allow customers to post reviews of products, and more.

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Order Processing & Fulfillment

Add online order tracking, order import, Amazon/Ebay export, CRM functionality, drop shipping, and more.

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Product Listing

Enhance your listings with currency conversion, ordering options, text entry, file upload, and more.

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Site Layout & Design

Site design add-ons for rounded borders, sitemaps, carts, drop-down and expanding menus, tabbed fragments, multi-column search results, sorting options, and wish lists.

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Image & Video

Add a picture gallery with effects, multiple product images or icons, dynamic choice images, product carousel with thumbnails and text, image upload, - even video.

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