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SellerDeck Enterprise

SellerDeck Enterprise is based on the high performance Microsoft SQL database to provide enhanced performance handling large order volumes and multiple user access. Price includes 2-user licence. Add additional user licenses below.

SellerDeck Enterprise is designed for successful online and multi-channel businesses that need a scaleable package with room for future growth. SellerDeck Enterprise provides enhanced performance for businesses that handle large order volumes, sell through multiple channels, or require multi-user access for order processing and catalog maintenance. SellerDeck Enterprise is a highly flexible and functional application that will sit at the heart of a multi-channel business.
  • High performance and scaleable SQL-based database
  • Sophisticated order processing
  • Integration with other systems
  • Quickbooks compatibility
  • Expanded (more than 4) multi-user licensing
  • Multi-site capability
  • Sophisticted order processing and customer management
  • Advanced marketing and merchandising features
  • Integration with other systems
  • Process mail and telephone orders (MOTO)

Key Features
High performance and scaleable database with multiple user access control
Based on SellerDeck’s widely used and award winning ecommerce platform, SellerDeck Enterprise runs on the fast and scaleable SQL-based local database which provides superior performance for a larger numbers of users and greatly increased throughput where the order volume is high. The ‘granular’ access control enables users roles and responsibilities to be set so that individuals are given access only to relevant areas or functions of the system.

Sophisticated order processing
SellerDeck Enterprise provides all the functionality required to efficiently process a high throughput of orders including an ‘order picker’ feature to speed up product picking in a warehouse. The mail order/telephone order (MOTO) screen enables the input of orders directly into SellerDeck and, combined with an SellerDeck Payments account, you can process credit card payments directly for those orders.

Integration with other systems
SellerDeck Business Plus provides integrations with Sage 50 Accounts software and SellerDeck EPOS for businesses with a physical retail shop. These facilities allow the transfer of orders and other data between the systems to assist in improving operation of your business.

Flexible product catalog
The product catalogue is managed using the Explorer-style ‘drag and drop’ interface. Select from a number of product page layout options to display your products and create unlimited sections and subsections, product variations and components.

Customisable store design and layout
SellerDeck Enterprise provides complete flexibility to design your store in the way you want to. Select and amend from a range of pre-designed themes, mix and match elements from the design library and edit colour schemes, fonts and layouts to create your own unique, customised store. Preview your site in real-time as you go.

Advanced marketing and merchandising features
SellerDeck Enterprise provides all the advanced marketing and merchandising features necessary to assist in increasing sales. Use sophisticated merchandising techniques to increase sales including multiple use coupons, ‘buy one get one free’, discounts based on quantity or specific products ordered. Automatically generate Best Seller, New Product, Related Product and Also Bought lists to encourage additional purchases

System RequirementsClient
Windows 7, Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) (service pack 1) or XP (service pack 2)
Minimum memory 2GB DDR2/DDR3 RAM
Intel Processor Dual/Quad/i7 recommended
Internet Explorer 6 or higher
1GB available hard disk space
65536 colour display recommended

Windows 7, Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) (service pack 1)
Windows, UNIX, or Linux Server
Recommended Server OS - 2003/2008 MS Server
Intel Processor Dual/Quad/i7 Preferred - Intel Xenon
MS SQL 2003/2008 Server
Minimum memory 4GB DDR2/DDR3 RAM
5GB Free hard disk space
Perl 5.004 or later (MD5 Perl module recommended; Perl 5.10.0 is not supported)
User-writable CGI bin
CGI and main FTP users should be the same

Network Requirements and Environment
100 Mbps or greater Local Area Network. Not recommended for use on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or wireless solutions.
Enterprise requires access to a shared database. This database must be located on a shared drive that has 'Full Control' permissions available to all user installations on the network.
Administrative access to the PC is required for all installations and operation of Enterprise.
In a multi user environment, all users must be on the same operating system
Actinic Enterprise requires MS SQL 2005 or 2008
If you are running an Actinic Enterprise SQL Server site on a Windows XP machine, you should have Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher

Bar Code Readers
Actinic Enterprise can be used with an optional bar code reader. Enterprise outputs letters read from the bar codes in uppercase only. The font used is ID Automation font at a size of 14pt. The bar code format is code 39.

The following models are recommended*
WASP 633808501051 Symbol Technologies LS 2208

The DataLogic DLC6065-MO is not recommended

*For the scanning of bar codes, a laser printer set to 360dpi or greater is recommended.


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