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Order History / Tracking

Order History / Tracking

Prices start at $15 per month (contact us for information)

Reduce delivery enquiries with on-line SellerDeck Order Tracking...

Key Features:

  • Reduce incoming order tracking enquiries by publishing order information on the web!
  • Customers can see how their order is progressing prior to shipment and also get courier consignment numbers to track delivery.
  • Allow account buyers to see a history of all their orders.
  • Includes delivery address exports compatible with the leading courier services to avoid rekeying data into courier dispatch systems...

Order Tracking: Publish SellerDeck's order status data, courier consignment numbers, tracking links and your own custom comments to keep your customers up-to-date with their orders. You can even assign comments to different SellerDeck colors so you can publish new information for your customers automatically as part of your normal order processing routine.

Order History: Using customer accounts in SellerDeck, you can enable your account buyers to get a list of their orders by logging in to the order history website using their buyer credentials. This allows them to easily find part numbers previously purchased, making re-ordering easier.

Not using customer accounts? Set up accounts for all your existing SellerDeck customers using our Account Generator plug-in.


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