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One-Stop Order Processing

One-Stop Order Processing

Price: $255.00


Multiuser Order Processing for SellerDeck, batch order processing including printing reports, shipping orders, formatting addresses, sending out customer emails, order tracking, customer accounts and entering payment details. Saves time and leaves you free to concentrate on running your business.

Free upgrades to any SellerDeck version while license is current.

  • Up to 6 PCs can process and view SellerDeck orders at the same time and you can configure features available to each PC
  • Setup Views for your orders to make each daily task easy to do
  • Sophisticated order selection, Find orders quickly using advanced searching
  • Batch Order Processing - order report printing, export to PDF, email, address formatting, auto shipping & quick payment entry
  • Control Mole End One Stop Automation tasks (eg: order download) from anywhere on your network
  • If you have more than one site you can quickly access all SellerDeck sites (on the same or remote PC)
  • Build and print custom reports for SellerDeck order information
  • View and amend the main order details, view and set order highlight colours
  • Advanced email - email multiple customers with a single click, create your own standard emails, attach documents/invoices
  • Integrates with Mole End label reports and Mole End integrated label reports

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