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Drop Shipping / Just In Time

Drop Shipping / Just In Time

Price: $240.00


Spending too much time emailing suppliers and drop-shippers with their part of each new order you receive? Fully automate the process with SellerDeck Drop-Shipping. Now with a Just-in-Time delivery model option.

Manage distribution from multiple shipping locations: Configure a list of suppliers and define which SellerDeck products each one ships. Your SellerDeck orders can then be analysed and only the appropriate order lines emailed to each supplier. Choose from either of the two business models...

Drop-Shipping: Where individual order details are forwarded to your supplier to allow them to ship each individual customer order direct.

Just-in-Time Ordering: The day's orders are consolidated into one email per shipper to allow you to order in exactly the right stock to fulfil your orders yourself.

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