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Extending SellerDeck Using Plugins

Extensions that increase sales and improve efficiency

No two businesses are the same. Every business has its own unique needs, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes by design. Creating a single software application that

SellerDeck Plugins are software extensions that enhance SellerDeck is key areas, such as content management and order processing. Some even provide additional functionality, such as integrations with accounting systems.

Does SellerDeck test plugins?

SellerDeck tests its own plugins. While we can inform you of what is available from partners and developers we canít test, support them, or guarantee them in any way. We recommend that before installing any plugin, you get some feedback from existing users, either via the developer or the SellerDeck community.

Who develops SellerDeck Plugins?

Some SellerDeck Plugins have been developed by SellerDeck themselves, these include integrations with SellerDeck. Others are developed by SellerDeck partners, such as Mole-End Software, Teclan, Drillpine, ee-scape, and others.

What are SellerDeck Plugins?

SellerDeck plugins commonly include layout objects that can be imported into SellerDeck and combine HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to provide specific functionality for your online store. Some also include external applications and service that might access your product and order information directly or via SellerDeck functionality, such as Order Export.

Are SellerDeck Plugins easy to install?

That very much depends on what they do. Some plugins install themselves using a standard wizard and can be run independently from SellerDeck. Others require manual intervention and may require some support from the plugin developer.

What should I check before using a plugin?

Itís good to make sure that the plugin is compatible with the version of SellerDeck you are using (10, 11, 2013 etc.) and the level of software (Catalog, Business, Enterprise etc.). Also, check what happens when you upgrade; will you have to pay extra when upgrading your software. Finally, many partners and developers offer free trials or money back guarantees, make use of them.

I have developed a plugin that I would like to appear on this site. How can I register my plugin?

Complete official online form on SellerDeck UK site by clicking here. Someone will get back to you in due course. Please also let us know at SellerDeck US so we can follow up on your behalf.