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Marketing Plugins

Soapbox™ Product Reviews

from Codepath

Provide customer feedback and increase sales. No monthly charges. Displays reviews directly from your product pages for improved SEO and now has "Google™ Rich Snippet" Mark-up and "Reply to Review" features! .

Price: approx. $230

Testimonial Plugin

from Tod Designs

Provides up to five testimonials together with a subject and a reviewer to be entered into the system, via site options. These are then displayed one review at a time in a box in a side bar for a time that can be adjusted.

Price: approx. $40

Product Mash

from Mole End Software

A suite of marketing feeds that make it very easy to add your SellerDeck Ecommerce shop to directories and affiliate schemes. Feed creation and upload can be automated (for specific times or at regular intervals). Efficient and simple marketing. Easy to use and install. License individually (see below for some of the available feeds) or save with the entire suite. All 12 month licenses include free upgrades to any Sellerdeck / Actinic version (except Enterprise).

Price: approx. $250

Googlebase/Product Search Mash

Easily add your products into Googlebase. and generate a Product Search.

Price: approx. $60

Ebay Mash

Add your products into Ebay and generate a Product Feed. Compatible with Turbo Lister.

Price: approx. $60

Shopzilla Mash

Easily add your products into Shopzilla and generate a Shopzilla Product Feed.

Price: approx. $60

Amazon Mash

Easily add your products into Amazon (with Pro-merchant or Seller Central account).

Price: approx. $85 Mash

Create a product feed from SellerDeck to submit to

Price: approx. $75

Ebid Mash

Easily add your products into Ebid and generate an Ebid Product Feed.

Price: approx. $60

Product Import/Export Mash

Easily generate a Product Import/Export file to import into another Sellerdeck site.

Price: approx. $60

Rss Feed Mash

Create an RSS feed to allow your customers to see when you have any new products.

Price: approx. $45

PriceGrabber Mash

Easily add your products into PriceGrabber and generate a PriceGrabber Product Feed.

Price: approx. $70

Affiliate Window Mash

Add your products into Affiliate Window. Easy to install and use.

Price: approx. $85

Edirectory Mash

Easily add your products into Edirectory and generate an Edirectory Product Feed.

Price: approx. $75

ChannelAdvisor Mash

Easily add your products into ChannelAdvisor and generate a Product Feed.

Price: approx. $85

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