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Packages and Pricing


Packages and Pricing

Flexible price plans you can adapt to your needs

SellerDeck Payments packages are available in fixed price bands according to your anticipated usage, with a charge per additional transaction, plus a set-up fee.

You can upgrade to a higher band at any time without penalty. Each payment or refund that is not voided counts as a transaction.

Package Price Setup Fee Transactions
Cost per additional
SellerDeck Payments 100 120 per year 20 800 per year* 0.39p
SellerDeck Payments 20 20 per month 50 350 per month** 0.10p
SellerDeck Payments 40 40 per month 50 600 per month** 0.08p
SellerDeck Payments 200 200 per month 50 3000 per month** 0.06p

If you do considerably more than 3000 transactions per month please call us for a competitive quote.

* Contract period for annual contracts is one calendar year

** Contract period for monthly contracts is 30 days

Please note these prices and the service is only available directly from SellerDeck therefore please do not contact CreditCall directly.

Call SellerDeck for more information at 800-503-5717

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