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SellerDeck Ecommerce Services

Speed up the process of bringing a new site online, or upgrading an existing site using SellerDeck Ecommerce Services.

Featuring support and upgrades, training, web hosting and payment processing, SellerDeck services remove much of the complexity involved in setting up shop, combining 100% product compatibility with a single billing relationship.

Support and Upgrades

SellerDeck Cover is the affordable, annual support and maintenance policy giving you access to the telephone technical support line and guaranteeing that your software is kept up to date with the latest releases.

Training for Designers & Operators

Structured training courses designed to help you to get the most out of your ecommerce software and give you all the knowledge you need to design, build and maintain your SellerDeck online store.

Web Hosting

SellerDeck’s ecommerce hosting is a comprehensive hosting package specifically for websites created using SellerDeck software products. We believe that the correct hosting package is critical to maximise your online sales and that’s why we’ve designed SellerDeck Hosting to contribute to your online success. Poor quality hosting for ecommerce sites is a false economy, and can cost orders.

SEO Services

Search engines are a major source of new customers for online businesses. The SEO service for SellerDeck’s can help boost your web site’s rankings on the main search engines, and increase traffic and sales on the site. As well as providing an initial SEO health assessment, it offers detailed information and advice that will empower you to maximise your ranking potential, now and into the future.