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Integration with Other Systems


Systems Integration

Integrating SellerDeck to QuickBooks and UPS WorldShip

Integrating SellerDeck EPOS, Sage 50 Accounts and other systems

SellerDeck is designed to tightly integrate with your business and a range of tools are supplied that facilitate the import and export of products, customers and order information. Optional products are also available that enable SellerDeck to integrate with QuickBooks.

  • Import and export products and orders
  • Automated order export
  • Dynamic linking to external databases
  • 2-way data connection with QuickBooks
  • UPS WorldShip Export

Multi-user and multi-site capability

SellerDeck enables order processing and catalogue content management simultaneously on multiple networked PCs together with the ability to manage multiple online stores with a single licence.

Feature Catalog Business Business
Interface with QuickBooks, transferring orders and importing product and customer data     Yes Yes
Dynamically link products to an external database   Yes Yes  
Easily accessible MS SQL database for linking to external systems       Yes