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Packages and Pricing


Packages and Pricing

Feefo costs less with SellerDeck

SellerDeck’s pricing for Feefo is highly competitive as follows:

Package Price Setup Fee Orders Per Month Excess Orders
Per Order
SellerDeck Feefo 350 £20 per month £30 350 orders per month* £0.10p
SellerDeck Feefo 800 £40 per month £30 800 orders per month* £0.10p
SellerDeck Feefo 2,000 £80 per month £30 2,000 order per month* £0.10p
SellerDeck Feefo 5,000 £160 per month £30 5,000 order per month* £0.04p

Please note that the SellerDeck Feefo service is unable to support multiple categories for analysis purposes, monthly fees are based on the number of orders for which feedback is requested and the pricing is per website.

* Contract period for monthly contracts is 30 days

Feefo offer

For SellerDeck Cover customers we are offering a 30 day trial of Feefo for £1.

With a customer reported increase in Sales of 6% when implementing Feefo can you afford not to sign up? 

For more information about SellerDeck Feefo or to start accepting independant customer feedback, call an SellerDeck sales adviser on 0845 189 18 59.

Download a copy of the SellerDeck Services Agreement