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We recommend that you print this page for future reference. If you ever need to find it again, just press on the "Registration and Information" button on the InternetSecure configuration dialog in Actinic.

To setup Actinic and your InternetSecure account to work with each other, do the following steps:

  1. Obtain an InternetSecure account
  2. Login to the InternetSecure merchant site at
  3. Go to the "Export Scripts" page.
  4. Select "Export Scripts Options"
  5. Enter your hostname under "Server Domain Name"
  6. Enter the path part of the URL of your order script under "Web Page". E.g. /cgi-bin/  Note that path must start with a slash and that you need to include the "order script" name. This file is named osXXXXXX.YY. If you don't already know the name, place a sample order on your site.  When you get to the "checkout" page, you can copy the order script name from the browser address field.

    Note that if your Actinic catalog is running on an Actinic Host or Actinic FreeTrial server, your order script file name may change from time to time. If you find that all of your orders are going to the "Pending Payment Service Provider" tab in Order Processing, we suggest you check to see if the "Export Script" in your InternetSecure configuration still points to the correct order script on your web site.
  7. Turn on "Send Approvals Only"
  8. Leave the HTTP authentication fields blank.
  9. If you decide to setup any referrer filters on the InternetSecure web site, make sure you accept referrals from the same "order script" address you setup in 6 above.
  10. In Actinic, select InternetSecure and press the "Configure" button. Enter your merchant number as both the "Merchant ID" and the "Secret".

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