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Designing your SellerDeck Store

Learn how to customise your SellerDeck store

This intensive one-day course is designed to help you get the most out of the design features in SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business. It will focus on new design creation and how to customise the layouts, variables and lists that make up an SellerDeck store design.

Delegates should be PC literate, familiar with using SellerDeck Catalog or SellerDeck Business to a basic level and be familiar with HTML.

This course always follows a 'Running Your SellerDeck Store' course.

Discounts available for SellerDeck Cover customers, Developer subscribers, and also when booking multiple courses

Course Summary and Outline

Location: Remote, via Web Conferencing
Duration: 4 hours
Price: $320 per delegate. Includes documentation
Bookings: contact SellerDeck sales on 800-503-5717

This course is designed to help SellerDeck users get the most of the design features in SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business. During the course, delegates will go through all the different concepts that underpin the entire SellerDeck design, and learn the tools and techniques for totally customising the store layouts.

In order to get the most out of the course, delegates need to have already come on the 'Running Your SellerDeck Store' course, or have a basic familiarity with the set up and management features in SellerDeck. The course features a lot of HTML customisation, so a knowledge of HTML is very useful.



  • Themes and colours
  • Selecting alternative layouts

Overview of SellerDeck Design:

  • Use Parent Explanation
  • To change the layouts in your store using layout settings
  • To edit other pages in SellerDeck
  • Point and Click Formatting Tool
  • Embedding html
  • To learn how CSS works in SellerDeck


  • Adding variables into the design
  • Creating new variables
  • Limiting variables by content category
  • Looking up Variables


  • The Design Tree, Bread crumb trail and the Library
  • Creating new product layouts
  • Creating new layout selectors
  • Editing Selectors
  • Inserting layouts into the design
  • Fixing layouts
  • Content lists


  • Inserting conditions into the design
  • Creating reusable conditions
  • Understanding Content Categories

Further Design Concepts:

  • Customising pages that are not store pages
  • Editing CSS

Designing in Dreamweaver:

  • Implementing a completely new design with SellerDeck

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